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Waterford City and County War Dead

Dedicated to the war dead of Waterford City and County lost in all confrontations.

"at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them (by name)"


Listen to some of the songs from World War One by clicking HERE

Information about the persons from the Commonwealth War graves Commission website

If any information or photographs are used elsewhere from this web site or from my other web sites other than family membes of the casualties, but again if family members use them on other web sites, I would be grateful that you would recognise the sourceof the information that you found them on such as Waterfrd's War Dead by Shaun McGuire. I have come across some people claiming my photographs as a resultof their own research.


Waterford's Roll of Honour

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The names for this commemerative web site have been sourced from the Waterford County Library web site and the book "The Waterford Dead" byTom Burnell as well as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site. The casualty details with the exception of the civil war deaths have come from the CWGC web site which was also used by the library and Tom Burnell.

It should be noted that Waterford County library's details contain numerous errors, mainly dates but also names including alternative names which can make searching for a casualty more difficult. The names of the casualties on this web site are thosed listed by the CWGC.


Photographs of the Royal Naval Memorial in Plymouth are reproduced here with the kind permission of Mr Chris Goddard from his web site   Plymouth Naval Memorial


Many photographs of the graves have been sourced from contributors to Find a Grave of which I am one. Photographs of the ships have been sourced from various searches of the internet as well as Old Ship Photo's etc.



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17th November 2012

The music playing is the "Green Fields of France" or also known as "Willie McBride" and "No Man's Land"

written and sung by © Eric Bogle.


I would also like to thank the following persons for their help,  Conn Hennessy, Paul O'Farrell, Steve Rogers, Martin Gahan and Gordon Power.


© Shaun McGuire 20