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Surname R
HNS Vivid Raher, William, 9th November 1918, Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. "Vivid.", 5991, Stoker, Husband of B. Raher, of 77, Lower Yellow Rd., Waterford. TRAMORE (HOLY CROSS) CATHOLIC CHURCHYARD, In North-East part.

HMS Tipperary Randall, Albert Arnaud, 19, 1st June 1916, Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Tipperary.", J/24830, Able Seaman, Son of Fred and Elizabeth Randall, of Protestant Hall, Catherine St., Waterford. PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, 13.

  Raymond, Dan, 19th September 1918, 1st Bn.  Wiltshire Regiment, 205771, Private, ABBEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, IV. F. 6.

Reardon, William, 5th August 1917, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 8204, Private, LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY, XVII. B. 7A.

  Reddy, John, 9th September 1916, 1st Bn. South Wales Borderers, 18773, Private, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 4 A.

Redmond, M, 29th July 1916, 4th Bty. Royal Field Artillery, 101603, Gunner, Buried in Agra Cantonment Cemetery. MADRAS 1914-1918 WAR MEMORIAL, CHENNAI, Face 4.

  Redmond, Patrick, 21, 9th September 1916, 9th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 8302, Private, Son of James and Annie Redmond, of Grace Dine, Waterford. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 16 C.

Reynolds, John Charles, 20 13th December 1915, 1st/1st Bn. Herefordshire Regiment, 3074, Private, Son of Herbert and Eliza Reynolds, of The Bungalow, Dinedor, Hereford. Born Waterford, ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY, B. 50.

  Ring, John Francis, 33, 24th February 1921, Royal Engineers, 1851414, Staff Serjeant, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Son of John Ring (late C.S.M., R.E.) and Margaret Ring, of 16, Wilkin St., Waterford. CALCUTTA (BHOWANIPORE) CEMETERY, KOLKATA, Plot O. Row D. Grave 28.

Riordan, Michael, 9th July 1915, 3rd Bn. Leinster Regiment, 4288, Private, YOUGHAL (NORTH ABBEY) CEMETERY, In North part.

Roberts, Sir Frederick Sleigh, 82, 14th November 1914, General Staff and Col.-Commandant, Royal Artillery, Col. Irish Guards, Field Marshal, V C, K G, K P, G C B, O M, G C S I, G C I E, ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL.

Robertson, Frank R, 29, 25th June 1915, 12th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment, Captain, Son of James and Lizzie Robertson, of Newton Lodge, Waterford. ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY, J. 4.

Robinson, John, 36, 21st January 1919, Depot, M.H. Bde. Royal Garrison Artillery, 282281, Gunner, Husband of Mary Robinson, of 18, Carrigeen Lane, Waterford. BALLYNANEASHAGH (ST. OTTERAN'S) CATHOLIC CEMETERY, P. Ba. 82.

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  Roche, James, 29, 2nd June 1916, 8th Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 4791, Private, Brother of Mrs. M. Mernin, of 4, New St., Waterford. LOOS MEMORIAL, Panel 127.

Roche, Patrick, 29th November 1917, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 10533, Private, CROISILLES RAILWAY CEMETERY, I. D. 30.

Roche, Thomas Joseph, 28, 23rd April 1944, 2nd Bn. Durham Light Infantry, 4458334, Private, Son of James and Catherine Roche, of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic.KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY, 4. D. 4.

Roche, William, 23rd August 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 6820, Lance Corporal, LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIAL.

Rogers, Robert, 27, 11th December 1940, Merchant Navy, M. V. Stureholm (Sweden), Son of, Mary Jane Rogers, Passage East, Waterford, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 104.

Rogers, Patrick Joseph, 17th July 1918, 25th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 1992, Private, ADELAIDE CEMETERY, VILLERS-BRETONNEUX,III. L. 13.

  Rogers, Thomas Martin, 31st December 1916, 11th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 4069, Private, Born Passage East, mother Bridget Rogers next of kin., Waterford. NAROGGIN CEMERTERY, RC. B. 16.

  Rooker, Charles W H, 28th August 1918, 1st Bn. Irish Guards, 9090, Lance Serjeant, BAC-DU-SUD BRITISH CEMETERY, BAILLEULVAL, III. C. 14.

  Ross, John James, 22nd March 1915, 2nd Bn. Royal Scots, 11208, Private, YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Panel 11.

  Russell, Martin, 14th October 1915, 2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards, 11481, Private, BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY, IV. F. 17.

  Russell, Samuel John, 21, 5th March 1917, 222nd Field Coy. Royal Engineers, 143369, Sapper, Son of Isaac Russell, of Church View, Holywood, Co. Down. Assistant Scoutmaster, 1st Holywood Troop. HEM FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, HEM-MONACU, I. G. 13.

  Russell, Thomas, 18th June 1916, 8th Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 4792, Private, ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, LOOS, I. F. 2.

SS Memphian Ruth, Francis, 39, 8th October 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Memphian" (Liverpool), Fireman,  Son of the late Cornelius and Mary Ann Ruth. Born at Waterford, Ireland., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL



Ryan, D, 23, 25th March 1920, Queen;s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), G/6484, Lance Corporal, Husband of Mary Ryan, of 28, Dungarvan Rd, Clonmel, CLONMEL (ST. PATRICKSD) CEMETERY< "> F. 66.

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  Ryan, Daniel, 25, 13th October 1939, Irish Guards, 2717153, Guardsman, Son of John and Mary Ryan, of Waterford, Irish Republic. NETLEY MILITARY CEMETERY, 985.

SS Falaba Ryan, James, 38, 28th March 1915, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Falaba" (Liverpool), Pantry Steward, Son of the late John and Annastia Ryan; husband of Elizabeth Ryan (nee Barnes), of 69, Sutcliffe St., Liverpool. Born at Waterford. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

  Ryan, John, 9th September 1916, 8th Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1854, Private, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL,

Ryan, John, 40, 6th May 1917, "Z" Special Coy. Royal Engineers, 1836, Serjeant, Son of James and Margaret Ryan, of 13, Hennessey's Rd., Waterford; husband of Margaret Ryan, of 7, Kellehers Buildings, Ashburton, Cork. BEAULENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY, LIGNY-THILLOY, III. F. 10.

Ryan, John, 3rd November 1918, Royal Irish Regiment Depot, Private, 9948,  CARRICK-ON-SUIR NEW CEMETERY, County Tipperary, Ireland, Grave no., C. R. 45.

Ryan, John Anthony, 27, 14th August 1915, "T" 34th Howitzer Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, 53237, Gunner, Son of Michael and Bridget Ryan, of Dublin. Born Waterford, TALANA FARM CEMETERY, IV. A. 20.

SS Jutland Ryan, Matthew, 24, 19th November 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Jutland" (Cardiff), Able Seaman, Son of Lawrence and Bridget Ryan, of 4, Little Michael St., Waterford, Co. Waterford. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

  Ryan, Maurice, 28th March 1916, 8th Bn. Leinster Regiment, 2778, Private, PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE, I. B. 7.

  Ryan, Maurice, 23, 15th August 1915, 1st Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 19584, Private, Son of Mrs. Ryan, of 13, Hennessy Rd., Waterford; husband of Elizabeth O'Brien (formerly Ryan), of 125, Ballytruckle, Waterford. HELLES MEMORIAL, Panel 190 to 196.

Ryan, Michael, 18, 30th November 1917, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 3640, Private, Son of John Ryan, of New St., Lismore, Co. Waterford. CROISILLES RAILWAY CEMETERY, I. E. 14.

Ryan, Michael, 21, 25th June 1916, 3rd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 9912, Private, Son of John Ryan, of New St., Lismore, Co. Waterford. LIMERICK (ST. LAWRENCE'S) CATHOLIC CEMETERY, 30693.

Ryan, Patrick John, 38, 23rd August 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 4834, Private, Husband of Evelyn Jane Ryan, of 1, Cliff Terrace, St. Peter Port, Guernsey. Born Ballybricken, Waterford, LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIAL

  Ryan, Patrick Thomas, 15th August 1915, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, 13559, Private, HELLES MEMORIAL, Panel 178 to 180.

  Ryan, William, 10th February 1917, 45th Bty. 29th Ammunition Sub Park, Royal Garrison Artillery, 7793, Gunner, GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTE, III. B. 38.

  Ryan, William, 21, 29th August 1914,  "C" Sqdn. 20th Hussars, 5248, Lance Corporal, Son of Patrick and Esther Ryan, of 14, Portland Place, Carlisle. Born at Carlow, Ireland. MOY-DE-L'AISNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, South-West corner.

Plymouth Naval Memorial Ryan, William, 41, 31st May 1916, Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Defence.", 277112, Petty Officer Stoker, Native of Ballymacaw, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford. Son of the late Martin and Margaret Ryan. PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, 14.

HMS Defence

Ryan, William, 21st December 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 8352, Private, No CWGC reference found.

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