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Surname S
Sage, Joseph, 29th July 1916, 28th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 1036, Private, VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIAL


  Sampson, Hugh, 30th July 1916, 17th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 27579, Private, SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2, IX. L. 3.

Sayers, Herbert James Michael, 32, 6th December 1943, Royal Artillery, 49920, Major, Son of Sir Frederick Sayers, C.I.E., and of Lady Sayers (nee Boyan), of Newtown, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic; husband of Sheilah Joan Sayers. AYLESBURY CEMETERY, Sec. 6. Grave 14.

Scrowston, John Edward Briggs, 20, 2nd November 1918, 2nd/1st East Riding Yeomanry, 51139, Private, Son of C. E. Scrowston, of 12, Gilbert St., Hessle Rd., Hull. WATERFORD PROTESTANT CEMETERY, 231.

Photo Steve Rogers

  Scully, John,  31st October 1942, Royal Navy, H.M.S. President III (MV Adlngton Court, London), D/JX 311254, AB, Plymouth Naval MEMORIAL, Panel 66, Column 2.

  Sealy, James, 30th September 1916, 1st Bn. Royal Scots, 11978, Lance Corporal, STRUMA MILITARY CEMETERY, V. A. 12.

Shanahan, James, 49, 21st September 1915, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 7611, Private, Son of Thomas and Mary Shanahan, of Ballygown, Villierstown, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 3 A.

  Shanahan, John, 25th July 1916, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 3/7578, Private, DUD CORNER CEMETERY, LOOS, II. E. 4.

Shanahan, Patrick, 10 November 1918, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 5568, Private, M M, SPIENNES COMMUNAL CEMETERY, In the South-East part.

  Shanahan, William, 1st November 1914, 1st Bn. Irish Guards, 642, Private, Son of William Shanahan, of Scrahan, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Panel 11.

Shaw, J, 34, 12th November 1916, 4th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment. 4804, Private, CLONMEL (ST. PATRICKS) CEMETERY, 5. LB. 133.

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Shaw, Thomas, 22nd December 1916, 4th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 5406, Private, Husband of Mrs. Shaw, of 5, Brown's Lane, Waterford. BALLYNANEASHAGH (ST. OTTERAN'S) CATHOLIC CEMETERY, S. Ba. 52.

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Shea, Patrick, 12th December 1917, 7th (South Irish Horse) Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 25772, Private, TEMPLEUX-LE-GUERARD BRITISH CEMETERY, II. H. 27.

  Shea, Thomas, 33, 25th July 1916, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 4/5269, Private, Son of Daniel and Catherine Shea, of Carriglong, Tramore, Co. Waterford. DUD CORNER CEMETERY, LOOS, II. F. 19.

  Sheedy, John Joseph, 26, 14th July 1943, 1st Bn. The Parachute Regiment, A.A.C, 5730882, Son of Francis and Mary Sheedy, of Ballinamona, Waterford, Irish Republic. CATANIA WAR CEMETERY, SICILY, II. C. 49.

Sheehan, Denis, 17th August 1917, 9th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, 16199, Private, NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERY, IV. C. 6.

  Sheehan, Jeremiah Joseph, 15th May 1916, 13th Bn. Cheshire Regiment, W/871, Lance Corporal, Husband of Catherine Sheehan. ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY, MONT-ST. ELOI, I. N. 3.

Sheehan, John, 16th August 1915, 5th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 54, Private, HELLES MEMORIAL, Panel 55

  Sheehan, Patrick, 24, 17th November 1919, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 88773, Private, Son of Mrs. Bridget Sheehan, of Ballyscanlon, Fenor. FENOR CATHOLIC CHURCHYARD, In South-West part.

  Shelton, Edward Willington, 16th June 1915, 15th Bn. Canadian Infantry, 77748, Private, Private, Saint Sever Cemetery, A. 8. 37.

Shepherd, Edward Holiburton Symers, 27, 25th November 1918, Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. "Colleen" , 13423DA, Deck Hand, Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Shepherd, of 38, Hotspur St., Maryhill, Glasgow. WATERFORD PROTESTANT CEMETERY, 2053.

Photo Steve Rogers

Shine, Hugh Patrick, 25th May 1915, 1st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, Second Lieutenant, Son of Col. J. M. F. Shine, C.B., of Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, and the late Kathleen Mary Shine. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Panel 42.

Shine, The Revd. James, 37, 21st April 1918, Army Chaplains' Department attd. 21st Bn. Middlesex Regiment, Chaplain 4th Class, Son of Thomas and Mary Shine, of Ballylaffin, Ardfinnan, Cahir, Co. Tipperary. BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERY, VII. B. 40.

  Shine, James Owen Williams, 26, 16th August 1917, 2nd Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Captain, Son of Col. J. M. F. Shine, C.B., of Abbeyside, Dunganan, Co. Waterford, and the late Kathleen Mary Shine. Educated at Downside School and Sandhurst. TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Panel 144 to 145.

Shine, John Denys, 19, 25th August 1914, 1st Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, Second Lieutenant, Son of Col. J. M. F. Shine, C.B., and Kathleen (his wife), of Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. His brother, Second Lieut. H.P. Shine, also fell. MONS (BERGEN) COMMUNAL CEMETERY, IV. B. 18.

Simmonds, Thomas Charles  Sturton, 26, 11th December 1916, "D" Coy. 11th Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), G/11271, Private, Son of William James and Catherine Simmonds; husband of Florence Mabel Parnell (formerly Simmonds), of Sandridge Garage, Ascot, Berks. Native of Waterford. SPOILBANK CEMETERY, I. B. 2.

  Sinclair, Gerald John, 21, 18th April 1918, 1st Bn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), Captain, Nephew of Esther Sinclair, of Cheekpoint, Waterford.VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTURE, III. F. 1.

Sinnott, Michael, 14th Julty 1916, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 7366, Private, Husband of Ellen Sinnott, of 81, Gracedieu Rd., Waterford. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 3 A.

Slattery, John Martin, 50, 17th July 1916, 2nd Regt. South African Infantry, 3180, Private, Son of Thomas Slattery, of Baddy Gagin, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 4 C.

  Sloot,  Maximilian Paul Rudolf. 35, 18th April 1942, Offr. Cdg. 56 Field Coy. Queen Victoria's Own Madras Sappers and Miners, Royal Engineers, 37094, Major, Son of Lambert and Marie Sloot; husband of Elizabeth Sloot, of Lismore, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. RANGOON MEMORIAL, Face 3.

  Smith, Andrew Patrick, 22, 11th August 1915, 6th Bn. Leinster Regiment, 3085, Lance Corporal, Son of the late John George Smith, of 5, Consent Hill Terrace, Waterford. HELLES MEMORIAL, Panel 184 and 185.

Smith, David Joseph, 22, 6th July 1944, 23 Field Regt. Royal Artillery, 1116905, Gunner, Son of John and Mary Smith, of Waterford, Co. Cork, Irish Republic. AREZZO WAR CEMETERY, III. D. 12.

  Smith, Ernest Frederick William, 20, 27th December 1916, Royal Flying Corps and 1st Bn. Leinster Regiment, Second Lieutenant, Son of Annie Ryall (formerly Smith), of Camcor, Birr, King's Co., and the late Ernest Palmer Smith. HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE, VI. A. 5.

Smith, Frederick James, 12th October 1916, 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment, 16666, Private, Born Waterford, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 7 C and 7 B.

  Smith, Frederick Patrick, 26, 26th September 1917, "B" Bty. 210th Bde. Royal Field Artillery, 150820, Gunner, Son of Patrick Frederick Smith; husband of Elizabeth May Smith, of 5, Rosary Terrace, Rosary Rd., Norwich. Born Ireland. MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY, VII. D. 32.

  Smith, Robert, 22, 9th April 1917, 406th Field Coy. Royal Engineers, 420355, Sapper, Son of Thomas and Margaret Smith, of Victoria Rd., Nitshill, Glasgow. ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERY, I. A. 10.

  Smith, Thomas Emmanuel, 19, 23rd April 1917, 263rd Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, Second Lieutenant, Son of Capt. T. Smith (R.E.), of 19, Rue Doubreh, Cairo, Egypt. ORCHARD DUMP CEMETERY, ARLEUX-EN-GOHELLE, VIII. E. 40.

Plymouth Naval Memorial Smythe, William Henry, 25, 21st August 1944, Royal Navy, HMS Kite, D/JX 144987, Able Seaman, Son of William and Elizabeth Smyth, of Waterford, Republic of Ireland, PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 87, Column 2

  Somers, Patrick, 28th May 1916, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 7622, Private, MERICOURT-L'ABBE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, Royal Irish Regiment

  Sparkes, Edward, 10th October 1916, 16th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment, 70088, Private, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 10 C 10 D and 11 A.

Stacey, Richard, 32,  18th February 1943, 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 6153115, Fusilier, Son of Patrick and Florence Stacey, husband of Eileen Stacey, of St. Pancras, London, RANGOON MEMORIAL, Face 11.

SS Lorca Stafford, John, 38, 15th November 1916, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Lorca" (London), Boatswain, Husband of Mary Stafford, of 12, Mount Sion Avenue, Waterford. Born at: Bannow. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Stapleton, Edward, 22nd April 1917, 117th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, 3571, Gunner, BAPAUME AUSTRALIAN CEMETERY, A. 44.

  Stapleton, Reginald, 24th July 1917, 18th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 11439, Private, YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Panel 4 and 6.

St. Clair, Richard, 12th August 1915, 11th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 13050, Private, Son of Thomas and Bridget St. Clair. Born at Waterford. YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY, V. AA. 2.

  St. Clair, Robert, 3rd September 1917, 9th Bn. Cheshire Regiment, 33637, Private, ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN, P. III. C. 5A.

9 Squadron RAF Stanley, Desmond Geoffrey, 23, 7th December 1940, Royal Air Force, 9 Sqdn, 33336, Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, Son of the Very Revd. Charles Geoffrey Nason Stanley, B.A., and Eileen Stanley, of Lismore Deanery, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. OOSTENDE NEW COMMUNAL CEMETERY, Plot 9. Row 4. Joint grave 8-9.

Stephens, Michael, 19, 8th May 1915, Royal Navy, Hood Bn. R.N. Div. K/21670, Stoker 2nd Class, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, of Ozier Bank Terrace, Poleberry, Waterford. LANCASHIRE LANDING CEMETERY, E. 13.

  Stephens, William, 19, 15th February 1917, 23rd Bn. Royal Fusiliers, G/61982, Private, Son of William and Julia Stephens, of Stradbally, Co. Waterford. OVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY, I. E. 14.

Stoney, Thomas Ramsay, 35, 10th April 1918, 3rd Bn. attd. 6th Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers, Second Lieutenant, Adjt., Born at Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Son of Maj. George Ormonde Stoney, (K.O.S.B.) and Meylia Stoney; husband of Dorothy Agnes Stoney, of Stokelake House, Chudleigh, Devon. LA CLYTTE MILITARY CEMETERY, IV. A. 19.

  Strangman, John Mansergh, 21, 28th May 1944, 1st Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 14217690, Private, Son of Hubert W and Adelaide Strangman of Dunmore, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. BEACH-HEAD WAR CEMETERY, ANZIO, XVI.E.5

  Sullivan, Daniel, 19th December 1916, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, 29434, Private, MOMBASA (MBARAKI) CEMETERY, R.C. III. A. 3.

Sullivan, J, 31st October 1917, 3rd Trench Mortar Bty. Canadian Field Artillery, 85451, Gunner, Son of Peter and Bridget Power (formerly Sullivan), of Waterford, Ireland, LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY, XXI. DD. 17.

  Sullivan, James, 30, 31st August 1915, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 109, Private, Son of John and Ellen Sullivan, of Waterford. LALA BABA CEMETERY, III. B. 7.

SS Formby Sullivan, Jeremiah, 44, 16th December 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Formby" (Glasgow), Cattleman, Son of the late James and Catherine Sullivan; husband of Mary Sullivan (nee Cummins) of Faithlegg, Halfway House, Waterford Co. Waterford. Born at Cork. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

  Sullivan, John, 34, 21st August 1915, 6th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 3378, Private, Son of John and Nora Sullivan; husband of Elizabeth Sullivan, of 30, Roches St., Waterford. Born at Waterford. ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, LOOS, I. A. 8.

  Sullivan, John, 26th July 1915, 1st Bn. Irish Guards, 3749, Private, NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, III. E. 4.

Plymouth Naval Memorial Sullivan, John, 20, 1st November 1914, Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Monmouth.", SS/115772, Stoker 2nd Class, Son of John and Catherine Sullivan, of 15, St. Ignatius St., Waterford. PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, 3.

HMS Monmouth

SS Coningbeg Sullivan, John, 57, 18th December 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Coningbeg" (Glasgow), Winchman, Son of the late James and Anne Sullivan; husband of Margaret Sullivan (nee Foran), of 16, Poleberry, Waterford, Co. Waterford. Born at Waterford. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

  Sullivan, Martin, 43, 14thn April 1918, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Lodaner" (London), Fireman and Trimmer, Son of the late Cornelius and Mary Sullivan; husband of Sarah Sullivan (nee Brogan), of 401, St. Vincent St., Glasgow. Born at Waterford. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

  Sullivan, Michael, 33, 17th September 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 7225, Private, Son of James and Honora Sullivan, of Queen St., Portlaw, Co. Waterford. LE MANS WEST CEMETERY, Plot 38. 1914-18 Row A. Grave 10.

Sullivan, Michael, 4th May 1918, 2nd/18th Bn. London Regiment (London Irish Rifles), 592308, Rifleman, JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERY, K. 5.

Sullivan, Patrick, 40, 14th July 1916, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 6831, Private, Son of the late James and Nora Sullivan; husband of the late Bridget Sullivan. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 3 A.

  Sullivan, Peter, 16th August 1915, 5th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 206, Private, HELLES MEMORIAL, Panel 55.

Sullivan, William, 20, 21st March 1918, 51st Bn. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 43320, Private, Son of John and Margaret Sullivan, of 16, Poleberry, Waterford. ARRAS MEMORIAL, Bay 10.

Sutton, John, 39, 5th July 1916, Royal Engineers, 140341, Sapper, Husband of Ellen Sutton, of I, Robinson's Lane, Waterford. BASRA WAR CEMETERY

  Sutton, Michael, 27th September 1915, 2nd Bn. Irish Guards, 7258, Private, LOOS MEMORIAL, Panel 9 and 10.

Sutton, Patrick Gerald, 26, 30th November 1944, 2nd Bn. Royal Ulster Rifles, 1628989, Lance Corporal, Son of James and Mary Sutton, of Waterford, Irish Republic. VENRAY WAR CEMETERY, VI. D. 6

  Sweeney, John, 40, 1st September 1917, Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. "Vivid.", 5337, Stoker, Husband of Mary Anne Sweeney, of Main St., Tramore. CORBALLY CATHOLIC CHURCHYARD, Near North-East corner.

Sweeney, Patrick, 40, 19th October 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 6645, Private, Son of Cornelius Sweeney, and Mrs. Sweeney; husband of Ellen Sweeney, of New St., Lismore, Co. Waterford, BAILLEUL ROAD EAST CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY, IV. J. 6

Plymouth naval Memorial Sweeney, Patrick, 38, 13th May 1915, Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. "Goliath.", 4776B, Seaman, Son of Mrs. Mary Sweeney, of Ballymacaw, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, and the late Michael Sweeney. PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, 8.

HMS Goliath

Sweeny, William, 3rd September 1916, 1st Bn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), S/4031, Private, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 10 A.

  Swift, James, 23, 19th October 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 5971, Private, Stepson of Mrs. Mary Swift, of 3, Harterys Avenue, Johnstown, Waterford. LE TOURET MEMORIAL, Panel 11 and 12.

  Swift, John, 18th October 1914, 2nd Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 7284, Private, PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL, Panel 10.

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