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Surname T
  Tate, Stanley O'Connor, 31, 13th July 1943, Royal Air force Volunteer Reserve, 467 Sqdn., 138889, Pilot Officer, Son of William Tate and of Maria Louisa Tate (nee O'Connor); husband of Doreen Alice Catherine Tate, of Dunmore, Co. Waterford, Republic of Ireland, RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL, Panel 133.

  Taylor, Andrew Joseph, 23rd May 1941, Royl Naval Volunteer Reserve, H. M. S. Kelly, C/KX 89957, Leading Stoker, CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL, 47.1.

Thompson, J, 27, 6th September 1920, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 10716, Private, Son of Mrs. Ellen Thompson, of 10, Walshe's Lane, Waterford. BALLYNANEASHAGH (ST. OTTERAN'S) CATHOLIC CEMETERY, S. B. 138.

  Thompson, James,26, 16th December 1941, 31 Field Regt. Royal Artillery, 835245, Gunner, Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Thompson, of Waterford, Irish Republic. ALAMEIN MEMORIAL, Column 38

Thompson, Patrick, 32, 5th June 1918, 402nd Bty. Royal Field Artillery, 101533, Gunner, Son of Thomas Thompson, of Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. LONGUEAU BRITISH CEMETERY

  Tobin, Francis, 21st December 1916, 2nd Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 6917, Private, DERNANCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, IV. E. 9.

Tobin, John, 18th March 1915, 12th Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, 7281, Private, BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY, NORD, J. 35.

  Toole, Andrew Brown, 15th September 1915, 7th Bn. Cameron Highlanders, S/13674, Private, LOOS MEMORIAL, Panel 119 to 124.

  Toole, John, 28th January 1917, 109th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, 2108, Serjeant, ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN, O. IV. F. 2.

Travers, P, 23rd December 1916, Royal Irish Regiment, Depot, 11370, Private, CLONMEL (ST. PATRICKS) CEMETERY, 4. DA. 117.

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SS Coningbeg Treacy, Hugh, 46, 18th December 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Coningbeg" (Glasgow), Son of the late John and Mary Treacy; husband of Anne Treacy (nee McCabe), of 44, Thomas St., Waterford. Born at Waterford. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Troy, Donald Patrick, 25, 6th October 1917, 3rd Div. Ammunition Park, Army Service Corps, M/22977, Serjeant, Son of James and Annie Troy, of Portlaw, Co. Waterford. BRANDHOEK NEW MILITARY CEMETERY NO.3, I. K. 22.

  Tuohy, Michael, 54m 19th October 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Hazelwood" (Middlesbrough), Donkeyman, Husband of Margaret Tuohy (nee Hickey), of 6, Mall Lane, Waterford, Co. Waterford. Born at Limerick. TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Tyler, George, 26th November 1917, 13th Bn. East Surrey Regiment, 30597, Private, CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL, Panel 6.


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