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Burke, John, 31, 15th September 1940, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, of 6 Kenwyn Road. Son of Michael Burke, of 5 Robinson Lane, Waterford, Irish Republic. Died at 6 Kenwyn Road. WANDSWORTH, METROPOLITAN BOROUGH

  Carroll, Mary, 26, 25, November 1944, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, of 24 Girton Road, Sydenham, Kent. Daughter of James and Norah Carroll, of 15 St. Laurence's Terrace, Lower Grange, Waterford, Irish Republic. Died at New Cross Road. DEPTFORD, METROPOLITAN BOROUGH


Cronin, Elizabeth, 78, 15th August 1942, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, of Country Side, Burnham Avenue. Daughter of John Cronin, of Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. Injured 14 August 1942, at Bognor Regis; died at Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital. BOGNOR REGIS, URBAN DISTRICT



Foley, Mary, 1st April 1921, Civilian casualty, shot dead.



Gough, Philip, 41, 12th October 1940, Civilian War dead, Civilian, of 2 Leicester Row. Son of Thomas Gough, of Carrigarea, Kilrossanty, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. Died at Bishop Street. COVENTRY, COUNTY BOROUGH



Gough, William, 28, 17th April 1941, Civilian War Dead, Civiian, The Revd. (Father); O.S.A.; Firewatcher; of St. Monica's Priory, Hoxton Square. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gough, of Mitchell Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. Died at 19 Hoxton Square. SHOREDITCH, METROPOLITAN BOROUGH



Keane, Alice Gabriell Lumley, 65, 18th June 1944, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, of 8 Cadogan Court, Draycott Avenue, Chelsea. Daughter of the late Sir Lumley Smith, K.C., and Lady Jessie Smith, of 25 Cadogan Square; widow of Col. R. H. Keane, C.B.E., of Cappogrim, Co. Waterford, Irish Republic. Died at The Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks. WESTMINSTER CITY,



Walsh, Michael Joseph, 43 28th February 1943, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, Son of Patrick and Catherine Walsh, of 6 Thomas Hill, Waterford, Irish Republic; husband of Honora Walsh, of 123 Griffiths Place, Waterford. Died at Bath. BATH, COUNTY BOROUGH




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